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SPIRIT Youth Questionnaire Results

Our project of spiritual tourism in Europe for youngsters is now initiating, the partners collected information about youth tourism and youth interest into spirituality through market researches and surveys distributed among European youth. Our objective was to identify the specific needs and motivations of young people to travel, their travelling interest, their understanding of spirituality and their expectations about a spiritual tour.

This questionnaire focuses on our target population – the 18 to 29 years old youngsters. To make it easily accessible, the questionnaire has been translated into 5 European languages – English, French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan - and distributed on-line by our partners through platforms such as University Platforms, Job Programs for Young People, social events and Social Media Networks.

In total, 592 surveys have been collected, 459 by our target population. It resulted that European youngsters actually do feel spiritual, they usually travel on their own for 2 weeks using low cost transport and accommodation services, they are interested in interculturality and immersion – they want to meet local people and discover new culture -, their fundamental objective is to learn from their travel. Young people are expecting from a spiritual travel to connect with themselves, Nature and their beliefs. They are not necessarily expecting to take part in religious activities, and are more sensitive to the spirituality of the environment their visit, could it be through physical activities into nature - pilgrimage, hiking in the mountains…

Thank you to all of the participants of the researches and of the survey who enable us to learn more about youth spirituality and enable our partners to create the project pilot test. We will create the spiritual tour program based on the survey responses, choosing destinations and organizing spiritual activities. The candidates will have to fill in an application form, and we will select the participants who will go on our pilot test tour.

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