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A Call for Spiritual Adventurers!

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could disconnect? Do you picture yourself in the mountains of Cataluna, learning about the monastic existence of the Benedictine monks that live there, in the Sacred Places? Or do you imagine yourself treading in the footsteps of the ancients in Tuscany, as you follow the Estrucan Way? Do you stare out of the window, seeking the peace and contemplation that walking barefoot through the therapeutic forests of South Limburg?

In the rush of today’s modern life, where things move at lightning pace and you can never stop to sit down and draw breath for fear of being left behind, Spirit Youth allows you to escape from daily stresses and the demands that threaten to overwhelm with their constant draw on your time, the Spirit Youth itinerary will allow you to forget the rush of daily life and connect with your spiritual side; to escape the fast pace, the emails, the constant demand for more, and rejuvenate your mind and body in some of Europe’s most spiritual locations.

The project is looking for young people to test the activities on offer in Montserrat, Prato and South Limburg. These have been arranged by local tourism practitioners, and intend to allow the user to connect, react and reflect on the sights, sounds and experiences of each location. Travelling with likeminded people, the activities will hopefully allow you to forget the stresses of home and discover something new about yourself and the world, and come away with a feeling of enrichment.

The activities are intended to allow for thought and contemplation, and with their unique attachment to the region that they take place in, the full itinerary will offer a chance to learn more about the spiritual history of Europe, and the different beliefs, histories, ways of life and meaningful traditions that create the European spiritual tapestry.

The purpose of the pilot testing is to refine the way that the activities are offered, so will we be asking you to reflect on your experiences once the testing has been completed. This will help improve the Spirit Youth itinerary and offer a more complete spiritual journey for future travellers. For more information on becoming a pilot tester, check out the list of activities below, and contact us here!


Prato, Italy:

  1. Contemporary Art
  2. The Estrucan Route
  3. Filippo Lippi
  4. Industrial Archaeology and the Textile Museum
  5. Legends to tell
  6. Prato Typical Dishes and Recipes
  7. The Biscuits’ Route
  8. The Great Medici Villas
  9. The Tabernacles Route
  10. Wine and Beer Route

Montserrat, Spain:

  1. In Montibus Sanctis
  2. The Sacred Places
  3. Art and Spirituality
  4. El Camino
  5. The Sky of Montserrat
  6. Plants of the Bible
  7. The Seven Gates to the Call
  8. Walking in Therapeutic Forests

South Limburg, Netherlands

  1. Museum Vaals
  2. Begraafplaats Margraten
  3. Abdij Rolduc
  4. Klooster Wittem
  5. Blote Voeten Park Brunssum
  6. Underground Caves
  7. Sittard Old Town Walk
  8. Lilbosch Abbey with Livar-pigs
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