November 2016

Pilot Testing in Prato Completed

The first pilot testing in Prato took place between 7-11 of November, and was a great success. 25 young people, from across Europe all travelled to Prato, in Tuscany, to participate in a range of spiritual tourism activities organised in and around city by local partners. These partners were engaged by the project partner, who are situated in the city. The testing lasted 3 days, and began with a welcome party for all the participants to meet one another.

Capacity Building Workshops Complete

Prior to the start of the Pilot Testing in each region, the partners held a workshop for the local tourism practitioners who would be providing the activities for the pilot testers. The participants were mainly local tourism SME’s or government bodies, such as tourism boards, who had an interest in providing spiritual tourism.

The SPIRIT YOUTH workshop “Marketing and commercialisation of Spiritual Tourism for young consumers” is organised by the partners of the consortium of the project, lead by NECSTouR – Network of European Regions for a Competitive and Sustainable Tourism – with the support of the Catalonia Tourism Board. The workshop will be held in Barcelona on December 1, between 16-19h.